I did not like the taste of my food very much. The egg rolls were awful, and I’m very disappointed.
have been a long time customer of Ichiban Express, and enjoy their food, with that being said, I must relate my recent experience with them. I had stopped in Tuesday, March 26, 2019 around 6/6:30, they were very busy. I ordered my regular order, 4 teriyaki chicken, fried rice & veggies entree, received my order, and went home. Had 1 Tuesday, and Wednesday. Thursday, I gave 1 to my neighbor, for her & her hubby, & went home to reheat mine. When I opened my dinner, there was NO chicken included! I wasn't really upset, most times I give most of the chicken to my grandson or the dog...I prefer the rice & veggies. I decided to call and let them know that a mistake was made though. I called, the guy who waited on me answered and I explained what had happened...he hung up on me!! So, of course, I called back, it rang, and rang, and rang..finally a girl answered, I explained who I was & before I even got done telling her, she yelled that they make NO mistakes, plates NEVER leave the store without chicken and that I was lying!! OK, now I'm angry!! I didn't ask for a free dish, I didn't ask for a refund, I was merely alerting them to the fact that a mistake was made, & I'm accused of lying over some chicken!! I am posting this to let everyone know that this is how loyal, valuable customers are dealt with if there is a problem!! Buyer Beware!! I will be getting in touch with the manager &/or the owner.
Ordered the shrimp hibachi and the shrimp was bad! It literally powdered when I bit into it. I strongly suspect the shrimp has been thawed and refrozen several times. Dont recommend
Lil Eva Grace is the sweetest girl that has ever served me. Justin cooked our food amazingly and Jessica is sweet too. Great food, great atmosphere! Highly recommend!!
Went here for a quick lunch before movie. Portion control was decent/average. Food was well seasoned to me that's all that matters. Why? Because you can have a whole in the wall joint and have the best food in town. All of the Express bowls you get a selection of different types of rice or you substitute the rice out for noodles. Noodles don't have vegetables or anything in them(plain). If you're wanting something for a quick grab and go this is the place if you're in the Hope Mills area.
Hands down, this place has the best lobster. Our family gets take out quite often but the atmosphere is extremely nice too! Actually, everything is great! Appears to be family owned.
We have eaten at Ichiban on numerous occasions. The food is always fresh and cooked as ordered. Much cheaper than going to a sit down Hibachi style restaurant. Owners have always participated in our school fundraiser and given a free gift certificate to us!
This place is absolutely great it tastes Good it is convenience reasonable price all the above.
Simple dining.. very casual.. great guys running it... they get your food out quickly in the time it should take... simple but good menu. I highly recommend!
Good prices, quick service, good customer service. They could improve by making the sushi tools a little bigger. A good place for a quick stop right before going to the movie theater!
Wayyy better than kyotos! I hate how slimy kyotos food is but this place is amazing!
I always have a good meal when I order from here. My son loves the Yum-Yum roll. The prices are fair and the portions are great! The staff are friendly and quick. I come here often.
I am in love with the food here! Sushi is always fresh and delicious! My family and I order from here just about every week!